App Overload

Oftentimes, I am asked "What is your favorite app?" It is a question I dislike immensely because I do not think in terms of favorite apps.  I think in terms of useful apps that work efficiently or effectively. I know that does not sound sexy, fun or cheerful, but I need technology to save time. If it cannot do that, I am less interested in the latest app these days.

Recently, my phone slowed with hundreds of apps and I wondered if I really needed any of them.  I had almost every car rental app installed on my phone.  Interestingly enough, most car rental websites are easier to navigate.  I uninstalled all my car rental apps and I do not miss them. 

I have begun a great purge of apps. My phone and I are happier.

Nowadays, when a new app comes across my path, I ask:

  • Do I need it?
  • Will it be useful? 
  • Will it save me time?

You may wonder what apps I find useful.  That will be a blog post or three for another time.


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