Data Never Sleeps 4.0

According to DOMO,  Google translates 69,500,00 million words, Facebook messenger shares over 216,302 photos, users on Instagram like 2,430,555 posts, and in the U.S. 3,576,850 text messages are sent every 60 seconds of the day.  Getting things done can seem daunting.  How and where do you focus?  What's the best app to use? Which cloud platform is the right fit? Which device should I choose?  Will this gadget be more efficient?  What is the cost benefit? When should I switch to something new?

The Tech Salon helps you navigate this digital terrain, not only for yourself but for your business. The result is that we help you get the things you need to do done.  We give you S.P.A.: Strategy + Process = Accomplishments.  Sometimes this only requires one (1) hour a week. Other times a longer commitment is required to manage your project(s).  A client recently remarked about The Tech Salon's services, "What you do is technical and non-technical, strategy and process, coaching, project, content management and more.  I cannot quite describe what you do but I get things done and I love when that happens." 

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